TabanyaRuu Karuselli Stig

Stig, or Zebedee as he was known before going to his new home, was the last born of Kiva's litter.  He was always Louise's favourite and had, and still has, a head to die for.

Stig lives with his auntie Impi, Kiva's sister, in Surrey with his forever family, the Baileys. 

Janine writes:

Stig had won my affections from the first time I saw him at a few weeks old.  He still has the most adorable teddy bear face and fabulously thick, fluffy coat one look from him and the most hardened heart has to melt. 

We were thrilled to bring him home to join our family which includes 3 young teenagers and Stigs auntie (Kivas sister Impi).  I am not working and two of our children are at home much of the time due to long term illness, so not only does Stig get lots of company, but my kids get loads of loving attention from him.

Stig settled in quickly, and barring a couple of accidents over the first few days he was soon housetrained.  Stig and Impi get on really well together and did right from the start.  Stig has certainly brought out a new side in his auntie, and I love to watch the two of them racing around outdoors then snuggling up together on their cushion. 

Stig, like all lappies, is quick to learn and eager to please. He enjoys obedience classes and more recently ringcraft.   His naughtiest pastime is digging in the garden Im sure he thinks he is being helpful.  But right now, he and Impi are asleep at my feet, what more could I want?

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