The Karuselli Litter


In June 2010 Kiva travelled to Normandy with Louise and Liz Mowatt to be mated with Dallas Jethro Gibbs Du Domaine D'Arinella Bianca who had been carefully selected by Liz of TabanyaRuu, Kiva's breeder, for his line, his good looks and health results.

This litter would be a TabanyaRuu litter and Kiva would be retuning to Liz's home to give birth to and nurture her pups for their first 8 weeks before returning to us.

It was hoped that the resulting litter would be a mixture of colours that would perhaps include cream.  He was a proven sire and had fathered some lovely pups.

Kiva's pregnancy went smoothly and at 5 weeks she was scanned with 5 puppies being visible.  Knowing that there would be 5 puppies meant that we could now think about litter names and we decided upon the 5 main characters from the Magic Roundabout and the Finnish word for roundabout is Karuselli.

Things ended up not going exactly to plan due to a number of reasons and Kiva ended up having her litter here at what is now Lumikoira. 

Kiva started showing signs of impending labour in the early afternoon and we notified Liz that we thought things would be happening pretty soon - Liz set off from Surrey and arrived in the early evening of Monday evening, whish was just as well as Kiva went into labour an hour later giving birth to Dylan at 7.23 - Florence followed 40 minutes later - Ermintrude coming just 24 minutes later - Dougal 1/4 of an hour later before Zebedee made his appearance just after 9.00. 

Within 2 hours of going into labour and 90 minutes after giving birth to her first pup the litter had been born.

Sadly two of the pups didn't survive their first week, Ermintrude slipped away after us spending the best part of 24 hours drip feeding her, the next day Dougal went to join her at Rainbow Bridge.  We did all that we could to try to help them through but sometimes nature knows best :-(

  Miika - Stig - Nushka

You can read more about Kiva's first litter here.


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