The Great Finnish Bake Off Litter

As we wouldn't be breeding on from Kiva's 2011 litter we decided to do a repeat mating with LapinLumon Karvajalka of Honeybears (Heikki) as their previous mating had brought about some lovely puppies.

After a couple of progesterone tests Louise headed off to Suffolk again to spend a couple of days with Carol - as with the first mating back the two of them got down to business a couple of times before Lou and Kiva returned home.

Kiva was scanned at 4 1/2 weeks by our friend Kathy Lane of and we were told that Kiva was pregnant and carrying 4 puppies (though I was convinced that there were 5).

Knowing your bitch is pregnant is, of course great news, however it also means that there will be lots of work coming over the next couple of months.

We upped Kiva's diet, well she was eating for 5 now, and began to get everything together to kit out the whelping room (sounds posh but in reality it was just the spare bedroom) in readiness for the October arrivals.

Lou and I were fans of the BBC programme The Great British Bake Off and we thought it might be fun to name the pups after some popular baked produce and we came up with the names; Biscuit, Brownie, Cookie, Dumpling and Muffin - we also thought it a good idea to give the litter a name and decided upon The Great Finnish Bake Off.

If you've read about Kiva's other litters you will know that she rarely goes full term - this litter would be no different and Kiva began showing signs of the litter coming a couple of days before her due date.  We had got everything ready for her in the whelping room on the Saturday and on the Sunday settled her into the whelping box and just after lunch Kiva went into labour

14.20 - A brown, tan and white bitch was born who we named Biscuit - more

14.36 - A black, tan and white bitch was born who we called Muffin - more

14.56 - Another black, tan and white bitch who we named Cookie - more

15.02 - The first boy, black, tan and white and named Dumpling - more

15.55 - The second boy, brown, tan and white and named Brownie - more

This page, and each pup's own page, is under development so please do come back soon.

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