The 2011 Litter


In September Kiva travelled to Suffolk to be mated with LapinLumon Karvajalka of Honeybears (Heikki) who is owned by Carol Stuckey who bred Mylo.

By all accounts (I wasn't there) the 2 of them got on fabulously and there were 2 matings.

At 5 weeks Kiva was scanned and was shown to be carrying 3 puppies however I was convinced that I saw 4 - on November 19th I was proved to be correct as, between 20.57 and 22.56 Kiva produced a litter of 3 boys and 1 girl, the girl being the surprise 4th.

At the time of the litter being born it was far more convenient, and less time consuming, to document the litter's development on Facebook so why not find out more here.

Alternatively you can follow the links below to visit the puppies' individual pages

Tuukkatuu - Vesakko - Veikko - Sassi

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